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Juul Pod – Best Invention in Vaping

The cough is not coming down and the lungs have started aching when you cough. You know the reality that anymore of smoking can kill you but no matter how hard you try you are not able to quit the habit. There is an absolutely new invention that can help you out, Juul Pods.

Juul device is a type of vaping product and have been in the horizon for almost three years. It has made amazing inroads in the industry and has relived many chronic smokers off their smoking habits.

Let us look into the health issues caused by smoking cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are made of tobacco containing nicotine, paper, glue and thousands of deadly substances which can kill you gradually. Studies show that you are reducing 7 minutes of your life span when you smoke one cigarette. That counts to around 25000 minutes in a whole year, 400 hours per year. Now imagine that hours should have been spending happily with your family. There is always misconception among the youth that smoking cigarettes will help you by not gaining weight. What it does is that it deteriorates your immune system and relatively weight comes down which is not at all healthy. What is the benefit of being skinny and not able to enjoy life because of the health issues caused by cigarettes?

Cigarette is the number one cause of cancer. It is not only the lungs which is affected but it acts as a trigger for different types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostrate, liver and many other tumor related diseases. Studies have proven that it is the one of the biggest causes for cardiovascular diseases by causing the fat to be deposited in the valves leading to the heart and the rate of stroke is much higher in persons consuming cigarette smoke than a non-smoker. Smoking cigarettes produce soot like substance which is deposited on the lungs. Not only that a smoker cause health concerns to passive smokers, but especially children also whose immune systems have not developed fully.

Juul system has received a lot of attention since its launched due to the fact that it is much more convenient to use than other vaping products and this makes it a real alternative to cigarettes. The Juul system has a simple look and feel, that immediately distinguished the Juul system from first generation e-cigarettes. It departed from the “round white stick” of those devices and introduced a new, flattened, high-technology approach. It includes an easy-to insert, rotatable, pod that couples to a compact, device body.  It gives the same smoke feel like original cigarettes.

With a Juul pod inserted, gently tap the device twice to show the battery life. No set-up and no hassle. Juul system is designed with simplicity in mind. The Juul device contains a stress-tested battery, a proprietary temperature regulation technology and a set of sensors that identify when it’s in use. There are quite a few companies who manufacture refillable Juul pods but Juul device are available only from Juul Labs. When you need to buy Juul pod from reputed companies, you should visit the official website of ELiquid Depot at eliquid-depot.com. They sell all quality product from reputed manufacturers including Juul Labs, OVNS, SMOK, Suorin, Vaporesso and Uwell.

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